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About hostinger

hostinger is a hosting company that’s coming up very strong, especially in terms of price, but there are a lot of other benefits. 

we are also going to talk about one negative thing about hostinger so you have the full picture.

 first of all, to get started with hostinger is very easy to have a setup, you go through just a few steps and you’ll be ready and you can start to upload your website.

 now what is new with hostinger because sometimes when you have these cheaper budget web hosting companies you sometimes you’re gonna have to suffer in terms of speed of your website, so this is really good news because they have a very fast loading time for their web hosting so which is fantastic news I’m gonna show you the special deals that they have at the moment if you decide to get it through my link I’ll leave the link below it is an affiliate link so you’ll be supporting us if you do use that which would be very much appreciated. 

but let’s talk a little bit about why hostinger now, the speed is a very big thing but also they are focusing on a wordpress website so many of us were using wordpress as our platform to host our websites on so they definitely focus on wordpress.

 let me talk about the negative thing about hostinger, that is that they don’t have a telephone support system so it is nice sometimes when you have a really big problem that you want to call somebody that you want to talk to them, unfortunately they do not have that to have a 24/7 chat support system this the support system is very fast very good a lot of great reviews about their support but that you cannot call them unfortunately a lot of software companies are doing that these days, it’s more effective it’s more cost effective as well for them of course so that is definitely a negative one now.

 let’s talk a little bit about the user-friendly panel now, the whole famous c panel they’re not using it they’ve developed their own system which is a lot more easy to manage, it’s nice to have a specially designed control panel where you can do all your email accounts you just manage your whole website at website settings.

 they also give a 30-day money-back guarantee which is great so you can give it a try and if it’s not for you, you can ask for your money back. 

they’re focusing on wordpress now, it’s really important if your website is hosted on the wordpress platform that you choose a web hosting company that is focusing on wordpress and the the hosting is definitely focusing on wordpress. 

now let’s talk about the price, w’ll show you the specialties that they have at the moment but you can see the prices are really really good, if you want to get started, if you want to have some cheap web hosting, because especially some web hostings are very expensive, so unless your business is booming you want to go with a budget, a web hosting company that’s not going to break the bank this is going to be very cost effective, and you can see the prices,
if you just have the one website you can get started from just under two dollars per month, you’re only going to have one website so do take into account if you have already multiple website or you’re gonna have multiple websites,
 you can either get started with a single wordpress plan and then upgrade or you can straight move to for example the wordpress starter where you’re gonna have a hundred website,
not a hundred websites that is a lot of websites that you can host on just the one account but take into account the storage space that you have also because if you have a lot of pictures videos and so on your website you might run out of storage, if you have a lot of websites so do take that into account but you can see the prices are really very cost effective and you can go to the higher price plants which are actually also not that expensive as well

so why would you go with hostinger and why not with bluehost for example, w’ve used bluehost in the past a lot and they were great many years ago, there’s some issues with bluehost that that’s the reason why we changed ourselves, still a good web hosting company but there’s a lot better deals out there,
 for example with hostinger they are optimized for wordpress they have a very secure web hosting company a web hosting system as well and they are fast and that is really important that’s what you don’t see with a lot of other budget minded web hosting companies the speed is really really good now.

 let us talk about the special deal that we have at the moment so you can see here you can get started with the premium shared hosting for just uh 3.49 so it’s a 71 discount that you can get with this one and this has a lot of different features this is the special deal that they’re having at the moment if you click on our link below you’re going to have this special deal that’s going on at the moment which you can get started with just 1.99 so an 80 discount which is really really nice.

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854 ms
24/7 Live Chat
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Site Migration
97 Day Money Back Guarantee



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You can currently get 76% off all plans. hostinger offers a 100% money back guarantee.
hostinger offers a very reliable platform for hosting your wordpress website. just get started with so goodbye posting with a great great discount the link is below go and check it out and have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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